On-Site Carvings

on-site-carvingsSite carvings are performed on site as an alternative to removing a tree. The owner usually has the tree topped or cut, leaving a specified height. Rocky Mountain Carving Creations will then carve the tree where it stands.

Any tree can be carved regardless of the species of wood or the age of the tree. A site carving is a great way to relay a personal expression, highlight a certain area, even to draw attention to your home or business.

A site carving is a fantastic alternative to the complete removal of a tree. A site carving allows the once over grown shade tree to have a new purpose and can give new life to an old dead tree. Often times, the cost of a site carving can be offset by leaving a portion of the tree in the ground.

Once a client has determined that a site carving is what they want, Rocky Mountain Carving Creations will usually travel to the site to visually inspect the tree to be carved. At that point, we work with the client and discuss the ideas that both we and the client have for the tree. Shortly after the conclusion of the meeting, sketches from the the idea session are submitted and a date is determined for which carving will commence.

On-Site Examples