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Kickin it in the Mornin
Come watch the Morning Show
Join me on the Fox 8 Morning Show where I will be appearing on "Kickin it with Kenny".
The Fox 8 Morning show's "Kickin it with Kenny" can be viewed Friday, August 7 at 7-9am EST on channel 8 for most TV, Cable, and Satellite Services. If you do not have any of the following, don't fret.  Fox 8 can be view on the Fox 8 website at  From there in the navigation bar near the top click on "Video" and when the drop down menu appears click "Watch Fox 8 News". I will be appearing with its host Kenny Crumpton to show off my studio along with a demonstration.

What will You see?
When you come to see my appearance you will witness my talent and agility that is put into the carving process.  I will showing How I make carvings as well as a small history of how I got into the business.  I will be doing a demonstration of me carving so you can see how a simple log can be turned into a beautiful black bear, or a cute little puppy.
2018 Schedule of Events

The Great Geauga County Fair!

16th Year of Attendance!
Daily Demonstrations 4 times per day shown on the Show Program.
14373 North Cheshire Road, Burton, Ohio  44021
August 30th through September 3rd, 2018

The Paul Bunyan Show!
"The Original American Forestry Show"
October 5th-7th, 2018
Guernsey County Fairgrounds

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Carving Creations

Rocky Mountain Carving Creations is located in Geauga county, Ohio. We feel that through this site we have illustrated the broad depth of Shari's abilities as chainsaw carver and artist. We sincerely hope you enjoy what you find here.

Shari Staiduhar has been carving since 1998. Over the years Shari has honed ideas and styles to produce these lovable characters. From bears to eagles to Indians to domestic pets, Shari can carve anything you desire.

The sky is the limit!!

About the Artist

about the artistOver the years I have taken numerous road-trips out to the West of the United States. My favorite state happens to be Colorado and that is where I stumbled upon carving. I did not know what tools were used on the carvings I viewed out there, but traveled to a local store in Canon City, CO and purchased cold chisels and a hammer. Okay, that did not work, so I made it a point to figure out what I needed. Believe it or not, most was just from trial and error. Now that I figured out that it was done with chainsaws and I had never even held a saw before, I was a little scared to try it. Okay, a lot scared!! But I did it!!! And the rest has been an ongoing love for chainsaw carved art.

P.S. - There was a little bit of a fine arts background because I have always had an interest in art.


Pet Memorial Carvings and Urns
Contact us for more information on having a life-size carving of your live pet created or for information on turning your carving into a functional urn for your deceased pets ashes.
Custom Carvings

custom carvingsCustom Carvings are generally one of kind carvings specially created to meet a client's personal request. Whether it be of your dog or cat, your favorite animal, character and even if you have your own unique idea, Rocky Mountain Carving Creations will create it for you.

Custom Example


furnitureA specialty carving is generally a single large log carving or an arrangement of log carvings that are either one of a kind or produced in very rare quantity. These carvings are sometimes inspired as a result of a special request from a particular client, or created from a concept Shari may have in mind for her clients. We feel that specialty carvings emphasize the art of chainsaw carving, as well as showcase experience and ability as a chainsaw carver.

Furniture Examples

On-Site Carvings

on-site-carvingsSite carvings are performed on site as an alternative to removing a tree. The owner usually has the tree topped or cut, leaving a specified height. Rocky Mountain Carving Creations will then carve the tree where it stands.

Any tree can be carved regardless of the species of wood or the age of the tree. A site carving is a great way to relay a personal expression, highlight a certain area, even to draw attention to your home or business.

A site carving is a fantastic alternative to the complete removal of a tree. A site carving allows the once over grown shade tree to have a new purpose and can give new life to an old dead tree. Often times, the cost of a site carving can be offset by leaving a portion of the tree in the ground.

Once a client has determined that a site carving is what they want, Rocky Mountain Carving Creations will usually travel to the site to visually inspect the tree to be carved. At that point, we work with the client and discuss the ideas that both we and the client have for the tree. Shortly after the conclusion of the meeting, sketches from the the idea session are submitted and a date is determined for which carving will commence.

On-Site Examples